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Options for attaching frickin' lasers to peoples' heads*

29 Jan 2016 6:09 PM | Anonymous
Many of you already have discovered this, but OPTP now carries a headlamp laser (see HERE) that can be used for JPE training. Amazon also carries a flashlight headband by NiteCore that has loops into which you can slide a laser:

The laser shown here is an inexpensive gun sight laser, which has the advantage of an on/off switch that allows you to keep the laser on (unlike laser pointers, which require you to hold the button down).

Another option, one I use to send patients home with for their exercise programs, is a keychain laser that I attach to a hat or glasses using a clothes pin. The clothes pin doubles as a way to hold the on button down, plus attach it to the had. You can get these types of lasers for around $2.00 on Amazon and the like: great for handing out to patients.

Full disclosure: I receive NO financial gains from any of these products.

*If you don't get this: search for Dr. Evil and lasers...

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