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"I think Dr Landel is a great educator.  I have had many people who try to "teach" things by just talking at you.  I learned so much in this course from the excellent instruction and interactions.  His experience is excellent" Cervicogenic Dizziness - Chicago - 2011

"The Cervicogenic Dizziness course is the answer I have spent 3 years searching for.  These soldiers are suffering.  Cervicogenic dysequilibrium in someone with no history of PTSD is not a terribly big deal, but these guys are being fed the thought that something is so wrong with their brain that the Neurologists can't find it on an MRI.  They won't admit it but they are frightened, their PTSD is worsened by it, I don't know how many battle hardened 30 year Sgts have sat in my chair with tears in their eyes when I tell them it's not their brain it's their neck and we can make it go away in a couple of weeks to a month. You and Rob are helping a lot of good folks with more than dizziness here which is why I want to get this info out there to other Physical Therapists"  Miriam Hammerslee, PT Cervicogenic Dizziness - Philadelphia - 2011

"As much as I dreaded it, the tests held me accountable" Cervicogenic Dizziness - San Diego - 2012

"I feel this course truly crosses the border between cervical (orthopedic) and vestibular/balance therapy.  It goes over both aspects of exam and focuses on appropriate treatment". Cervicogenic Dizziness - San Diego - 2012

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