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Residency education will play an important role in the physical therapy profession's future. Consistent with the pathway to specialization used in medicine, physical therapists will one day achieve Board Certification after graduating from a residency and sitting for a written exam. This of course is not the current reality (2010), for mainly practical reasons. In 2008 over 1500 physical therapists successfully applied to sit for the Specialist Certification examination. In early 2006 there were less than 24 APTA-credentialed residency programs in existence, graduating about 60 residents per year. The number is growing: in 2009 there were 217 graduates from residency and fellowship programs. In 2010 there are 61 residency programs. Most of these programs are in orthopedic physical therapy; as of this writing (2010) there is one program in cardiovascular and pulmonary, six in gerontology, four in pediatrics, seven in neurology, 13 in sports and 28 in orthopedics. Meanwhile, there are 25 fellowship programs. (For a description of the difference between the two, and a list of all programs credentialed by the APTA, click here). We have a long way to go to arrive at the future!

Dr. Landel has extensive experience with residency program development. In addition to founding and directing the USC Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency Program, he served four years (two as chair) on the the Clinical Residency and Fellowship Program Credentialing Committee. During his tenure the number of credentialed residency and fellowship programs increased from 9 to 33, including the first residency programs in Neurology and Gerontology.

He continues his advocacy of long term continuing education and the development of residency programs through Skill Works by providing consultation services to new programs. Besides getting the USC Orthopedic Residency program credentialed by the APTA, he assisted in getting the USC Neurologic Residency program credentialed. Dr. Landel has consulted with many other programs in their pursuit of credentialing, including the first credentialed pediatric residency program.

A free, one-hour consultation, by phone or in person, will provide the steps and identify the resources necessary to start organizing a new program. Further consultation can be negotiated on a fee for service basis. Services include:

  • Development of the mission, goals and objectives;
  • Identification and organization of resources;
  • Curriculum development;
  • Resident/fellow evaluation;
  • Program evaluation;
  • Review and/or preparation of credentialing application;
  • Preparation for the credentialing site visit.

Click HERE to download a description of the phases of residency development provided by Skill Works.

Contact Dr. Landel directly for more information.

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